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authentic handmade for the home from the land™

authentic handmade for the home from the land. our field to fiber to floor rugs are sustainably sourced, ethically made and origin-verified.


Because we’re small, we can do big things that make a difference.



sustainably sourced

eye heart hand rugs are as pure as their natural origins. We use only the finest sheep wool sourced from the Guild Family’s High Peak Estate – a pristine family farm high above the Canterbury Plains of New Zealand. The exquisite Perendale wool is carefully shorn only once a year at maximum staple length which makes it incredibly strong and resilient. The result is a unique rug that is beautiful, useful and handmade to last.


ethically made

Each rug is hand made and hand numbered by GoodWeave®-certified artisans in a third-generation rug making facility in India. Each finished eye heart hand rug receives a label hand signed by the designer, the shepherd, and the rug maker.



traceable fibers

The wool in our rugs is randomly selected and tested by Oritain™ New Zealand to assure it is only the wool from the Guilds' High Peak Estate New Zealand.


designer's eye

Nature is an infinite source of inspiration for our designer, Kate D. Spain. Her original designs combine timeless natural forms and colors.


heart of the land

The luxurious long-staple Perendale wool in our rugs reflects the purity of its origin, the Guild family’s 10,000 acre High Peak Estate in New Zealand.

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artisan's hand

Our artisan collaborators in India bring their sensibilities and extraordinary skills to the hand-making of each of our GoodWeave®-certified rugs.


"Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together, all things connect."

~ Chief Seattle