and in our small way, we’re out to make it better.

Imran Ansari, Kate Spain, and Ashish Gogia in Panipat, India — January 2019
Pete Spain and Kate Spain at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), May 2019

Pete Spain and Kate Spain at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), May 2019

We started by asking a few simple questions…

What if you could bring a beautiful, durable, luxurious rug into your home and know who and how it was actually made it?

What if the fair treatment of people and no child labor, in every step of the process, was assured?

What if you could know the origins of the wool down to the farm, shepherd, and the sheep in the mountains of New Zealand, and have scientific proof that all the wool in your rug is traceable to that one and only source?

What if model animal welfare practices and boosting native biodiversity were just the way it is on the farm?

We wondered if anyone was doing anything like this in the rug industry?

Yes. We are.

People & Ethics

Sometimes the urging of your conscience is so loud and impossible to ignore that it makes you restless enough to take action.
— kate spain, co-founder of eye heart hand

The eye heart hand collaborative creates authentic handmade rugs for the home from the land. We have taken steps that reflect our commitment to the people and places who make this collaboration possible. Our partnership with GoodWeave® certifies that no child, forced or bonded labor is used in the facilities where our rugs are made. All our rugs bear the GoodWeave® label and we fully support their initiatives to end child labor altogether.

The essence of our collaboration, across 3 continents and cultures, relies on the contributions of each person. We stand by what we make and are proud to bring transparency to our supply chain. To reinforce this idea, each of our rugs is hand-signed by the designer in the U.S. the eye), the shepherd in New Zealand (the heart of the land), and the GoodWeave®-certified maker in India (the hand).

Members of the eye heart hand collaborative in Panipat, India — January 2019. Photo by Nitin Gera.

Traceable & Verified Origins

Making products’ provenance visible and verifiable lets you know what you’re really getting. That’s the gold standard at the best farmer’s markets. Why not for your field-to-fiber rug too?
— pete spain, co-founder of eye heart hand

The sustainably farmed wool we use is fiber-tested and origin-verified by Oritain™. We do this because proven provenance matters to us and to our customers. In addition to delivering quality rugs that are ethically made and traceable, we sell directly to you. There are no middlemen. The prices are fair; allowing you to enjoy luxury at an affordable cost.

Co-Founder Pete Spain and Imrahn Ansari take wool samples to be sent to Oritain for testing.

Purity & Sustainability

As a country and people, we New Zealanders hold the belief in ‘Kaitiakitanga’ meaning guardianship and protection of the land for future generations. our collaboration with eye heart hand is proudly committed to that.
— hamish guild, shepherd at high peak estate

earth is in the center of our brand. Our belief that we have a responsibility to preserve our planet is a guiding force in everything we do.

The pure, premium wool in our rugs is sourced directly from the Guilds of High Peak Estate - a single family farm on the South Island of New Zealand. The Guilds adhere to strict animal welfare standards for raising healthy sheep, as well as following ethical practices for shearing them. In addition, the Guilds are leaders in conserving the native biodiversity of New Zealand, with James Guild serving as chair of the QE II National Trust of New Zealand.

Shepherd, Hamish Guild and a panoramic view of his family farm, High Peak Estate on the South Island of New Zealand.