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When you love what you do, and draw from that deep well of joy to fuel the creative process, you end up sending this positivity out into the world.
— kate spain
KD Spain 100% New Zealand wool Talavera Rug
Kate Spain; artist, designer and co-founder of eye heart hand.

Original Designs & Timeless Geometries

‘Happy’ is the word most often used to describe the lively energy of Kate Spain’s designs.

Having designed best-selling rugs, kitchen textiles and tableware for Crate and Barrel, Kate created eye heart hand in line with her creative passions and deep concerns for the welfare of our environment and sustainability of our planet.

It’s not what you look at, it’s what you see.
— Henry David Thoreau

Kate’s earliest memories are of the sweet smell and cascading beauty of clematis blooms along the entryway to her great grandmother’s home. She’s always been drawn to nature and its unique rhythms from meadows and woods to the ocean to her back yard garden.

Flowers and foliage inspiration

Kate finds happiness in the landscape and in observing the infinite beauty of her surroundings – where ideas for drawings appear on the undersides of leaves or in the shapes and structures of flowers.

Her eye is attracted to these details in her world and in her memory, which mingle to spark new combinations of colors, lines, textures and shapes that she translates into her designs.

Taupe botanical leaf rug interior with plants
The rugs I design for eye heart hand aspire to bring artful beauty to the landscape of your home. From my backyard garden to memorable travel, I combine timeless geometries and hand-drawn motifs in lyrical compositions that re-awaken our personal spaces. The feeling is light, airy, neutral and natural to complement the beautiful materials and the purity of their origin.
Blue Atrium rug interior with wood grain chair glass table and fern
wool poms, rug design on dark wood floor, Kate Spain