We stand behind our product 100%. Here is a guide to help you best care for your luxurious new rug.


All wool rugs will shed to some degree. The staple length of the fibers in eye heart hand rugs are longer and superior to other wool types. This will minimize shedding. It’s possible the rug will not shed at all.


It is unlikely, but if any fibers should come loose, common in hand made rugs, clip with scissors (do not pull).


Rotate rugs every 3-6 months for even wear.

creases in rugs

The weight of eye heart hand rugs is substantial and if there is curling after unpacking, this should disappear in a week or so. Try reverse rolling.


Rugs recently removed from bag may have odor. This is a combination of the wool and the backing material. It will dissipate over time.


Like any investment, if you want it to last you must take care of it properly. We have listed some tips to help you take care of your product and make it last longer.


The most damaging effect on area rugs is vacuuming. Extra care must be taken when vacuuming your rug. High powered vacuums will pull threads out of the back of rugs and cause sprouts. These include the bagless "super powered" Dyson® and Oreck® type vacuums.

solution: Use the handheld attachment to vacuum your rug.

Beater bar will pull fibers from the face of the rug or they can cause the face of your rug to fuzz.

solution: Turn the beater bar off on your vacuum, or if it can not be turned off have it on the highest bar setting.

Brooms and sweepers are a great, gentle way to clean your rug. Canister vacuums without beater bars are the most effective.



  • With a naturally high lanolin content in the wool we use, our rugs initially repel liquid giving you those extra moments you’ll need to clean spills.

  • If you spill on a rug, clean it immediately. Once the stain is set in it becomes more difficult to clean.

  • Never rub a spill as it forces the spill deeper into the rug fibers. Blot with a clean white cloth.

  • Use either lukewarm water, a solution of diluted white vinegar and water, a wool cleaning liquid or a standard rug stain remover to remove any residual stain.

  • Always use clean water to remove any residual cleaner, and dry towels to absorb any remaining moisture.


Always use a professional area rugs cleaning expert. Cleaning a handmade rug is a different than cleaning wall to wall carpet. Inspect the rug with the cleaner before it is cleaned. Get a signed receipt and guarantee of work before the work is done.

specific cleaning guidelines

  • With a dry cotton towel or white paper towel, blot out stain as much as possible.

  • Scrape off any food or debris with a dull instrument.

  • Mix a very small amount of dish soap with a cup of cold water.

  • Blot area with dry towel.

  • With clean sponge and soap mix, remove remainder of stain.

  • Allow area to dry.


We recommend a rug pad underneath every area rug. We carry a high quality, recycled, locally-sourced, made in the USA rug pad.

Rug pads extend the life of your rug as it absorbs wear and tear from the friction between floor and rug. They help avoid accidents from slipping on moving rugs and tripping on turned up edges. They provide extra cushion on hard surfaces for your feet.