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authentic handmade for the home from the land™

a handmade collaboration

Our artisan collaborators in India – from the spinners in Bikaner, to the dyers in Bhadohi, and finally to the rug makers in Panipat – tell us that they have never felt or worked with a wool of this quality. The long staple and soft texture bring definition and structure to the rugs while the natural brightness and luster of the wool make colors clearer, deeper and richer.

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 With fine skills and great care, our artisans hand create and hand number each GoodWeave® certified eye heart hand rug. This certification is the best assurance that no child or forced labor was used in the making of our rugs, and that your purchase of an eye heart hand rug supports programs that invest in children’s health, education, and ensures decent work for adults.


GoodWeave® certification is the best assurance that

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